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You Can Now Get Spiked Raspberry Lemonade At Aldi

You Can Now Get Spiked Raspberry Lemonade At Aldi
Posted at 6:01 AM, Jun 28, 2020

You can’t go into a grocery store these days without seeing refreshing, boozy drinks on offer — seltzer, popsicles, lemonade, the list goes on. That’s because all these fruity alcoholic beverages are simply perfect for summer, whether you’re lounging by the pool, mingling at a (socially distanced) backyard barbecue or beating the heat inside.

Aldi is adding a canned concoction to this already delicious selection and it sounds like something we’re going to want to keep stocked in our fridge all season long. State of Brewing’s Raspberry Lemon Spiked Lemonade is now available for a limited time, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Aisle of Shame, a Facebook group that focuses on sharing Aldi finds, posted this image of the drink after finding it at a store.

As you can see, a six-pack of raspberry spiked lemonade costs $6.99. Each can contains 4.2% alcohol by volume, which is comparable to some hard seltzers. This drink has a malt beer base that goes well with the sweet and sour flavors of lemonade.

Best Products reports that the spiked lemonade is making a reappearance after being available summer of 2019, too. Just don’t expect this brew to stick around on store shelves for very long, especially after getting this much press on social media. Note that not all stores will have it, so you’ll also need to check with your local Aldi to see if you’re in luck.

Photo Courtesy: Aldi

The online reviews are decent so far, with Untappd users who’ve tried Raspberry Lemon Spiked Lemonade giving it a fairly average rating of 3.25 out of 5. One commenter called it “very fruity and sweet.”

If you’re not convinced, you have plenty of similarly refreshing options this summer, since it appears that boozy, fruity drinks are here to stay. Aldi’s upcoming weekly ad for the week of July 1-7 features another product from State of Brewing, a Cherry Kolsch that also sounds divine! Like the raspberry lemonade, this is a limited-time, limited quantity product.

Your seasonal alcohol options are virtually endless, however. If you love lemonade flavors, you can enjoy Truly Hard Seltzer Lemonade, which has even been turned into a line of ice creams and sorbets to make them even more perfect for hot weather. Mike’s Hard Lemonade recently re-released a Pineapple Mandarin flavor, too.

Truly Hard Seltzer

If you want to branch out a bit, your choices include products from Bacardi pre-mixed rum cocktails to Skinny Freezers slushy alcohol pops. Basically, you can make the season infinitely more festive with a quick purchase from your local booze shelf. And that’s a good thing, whether you’re out and about or just chillin’ in the backyard hammock with your kids — who unfortunately aren’t going to camp this year.

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