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Dome Homes helping build stronger foundation in Haiti

Posted at 8:16 PM, Nov 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-18 20:18:01-05

WEST PALM BEACH. FLA. — It's been just over three months since an earthquake devastated Haiti.

And there is still a significant need for help on the island.

That's where the organization "Domes for Humanity" is stepping in.

They're not only building new homes but giving families a new foundation by providing strong and sustainable housing for families.

Dome homes that can withstand hurricanes and high-level earthquakes.

"It takes a lot of planning, it takes a lot of leadership and it certainly takes a lot of work," says Wesly Hippolyte with Healing Waters International. He lives in Haiti and sees the devastation first hand.

"We are not only building homes we are also building hopes"

He's working alongside missionaries like Weslea Pierson.

She’s long been an advocate for helping Haiti in a sustainable way.

"That provides safety, security long term for these families that have experienced a tremendous amount of trauma in their lives"

They'll train people in Haiti to build the homes, so the work can continue.

Those on the ground work with local leaders, missionaries and churches to identify families that need help the most.

Church leaders like Bruty Theodore.

"If you invest in Haiti, it is some seed you plant, when you plant a seed you will see the duplication, the multiplication" Theodore says.

Aside from building homes, they’ll help with clean water projects and mental health training.

The goal: To provide security and dignity.

The organization was founded by Daniella Gruenthal, a LEED certified builder -- who says it all started with a dream.

Now, she and her team are hoping to build hundreds of homes in their first year of construction.

You can learn more about Domes for Humanity or support the organization.