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Hurricane Irene surf picture sesh

Posted at 2:46 PM, Sep 01, 2011
and last updated 2016-03-18 15:21:25-04

We definitely dodged a bullet with Irene veering north. Too bad our brethren to the north in Cape Hatteras and the northeast couldn't do the same.  Seeing all the destruction out there should remind us that yes we get waves, but sometimes at a price.  We wish the best for those effected by the storm, and hope another one won't make landfall, and stay out to see so we can score some waves, without the destruction.

TONS of sick photos and video coming in of Irene’s waves! Surf photogs were out all over the place shooting away.
Irene’s swell started late Wednesday, when it built to about waist-chest high on Palm beach around dinner time.
Thursday morning was onshore but the winds quickly turned offshore and started the cleanup. Overhead waves built in. Some nasty squalls came through too.
Friday was massive well overhead throwing barrels on Palm Beach. Reef Road looked like Paris Hilton showed up with all the photogs and people standing on the beach watching Mendia, Baron, and Nathan Behl tear it up.
Saturday had some nice, clean northeast leftovers in the chest-head high range. Super fun but super crowded on Palm Beach.
Juno I heard was huge and fun, Further south Boynton and Lantana were firing. All-in-all a great swell.

Thanks to everyone who uploaded their photos to the YOUREPORT section of the surfing page!!! Click below to see a slideshow of all the YOUREPORT surf photos!!!  Keep 'em comin!


Nicola Lugo was in and out of the water scoring waves and great shots like these. (thanks for sending me some nic!)

Hybrid Photography was at Juno Pier, catching Giorgio Gomez and the local crew getting shacked

Click for more Photos from Juno Pier

Just up the street at Jupiter Inlet, South Moon Photography by Alissa Dragun was snapping a few


ThisIsDANIEL was at Reef Road scoring some good ones of Baron Knowlton getting pitted.

Click for more Pictures on MSW

Speaking of the 'Road' Local Photog Paulie Dee found some time and was exercising his editing fingers with this killer video at the famous Palm Beach break.

Watch another great video of RR from local photog Greg Panas

Yet another great video of Reef Road that day

All the mags had their best of Irene pictures, Check out the Links below:

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and here's some more video I found on YouTube:


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