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Soleil Kudlica: Health screening helps doctors diagnose teen's heart problem

Posted at 8:04 PM, Feb 05, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-01 10:50:55-04

Soleil Kudlica didn't seem to have a problem with her heart when she was a baby. But as she got older, she did notice something different about her heart beat. Soleil said, "Sometimes it would get quicker like when I wasn't doing anything."

Because of a heart screening in 2012, a cardiologist diagnosed her with an abnormal electrical pathway in her heart. "He said I could get really sick or I could die?"

A year ago she had a surgical procedure done.

"They took a scope, a tube and went through my leg and up to my heart and depending on which side the valve was on, they had to burn it or freeze it," said Soleil.
Now the 7th grader is on a mission. Soleil's heart screening was provided by the Jessica Clinton MVP foundation. It's named for the high school cheerleader in St. Lucie County who died after going into cardiac arrest.

Now Soleil's helping the foundation raise money through Panera Bread's heart shaped cookies. Sales money will go to the foundation.

Jessica's mother Cheryl Lalloo started the foundation. She says she is happy with Soleil's involvement with the foundation.

"She helped us with our health screening the past six months ago. and she realized that what was wrong with her, other children could have too. so she found the importance of that and wanted to get involved and the cookie sales come perfectly with the anniversary of her procedure, " said Jessica.

Money Soleil hopes will help save a child's life. Soleil said, "It's fun for me to do knowing that I have helped people."

Click on the link for more information: Jessica Clinton MVP Foundation