Vic & Angelo's Fresh Tableside Mozzarella recipe (11/29/16)

Posted at 7:11 AM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 12:20:13-05


  • 12 oz Mozzarella cheese curd
  • 2 oz. Kosher salt
  • 68 oz. of hot Boiled water
  • Bowl with ice water


1. Take the cheese, break it apart and add it to a bowl. Sprinkle all the salt on top of cheese.

2. Take 1/3 of hot water and add it gradually around the cheese, not on top of the cheese, to make sure you do not burn the mozzarella cheese.

3. Use a wooden spoon to stir for 30 seconds, add 1/3 more of hot water and, using your hands, begin to stretch the mozzarella for another 30 seconds, add the remaining hot water, continue to stretch till the cheese its silky.

4. Roll it into a ball, then dip it in cold water and serve it to your guest!