Spiced Local Cobia with Farro recipe (4/4/16)

Posted at 9:52 AM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-04 11:47:35-04

Spiced Local Cobia with Farro, Walnut, Kale & Oyster Mushroom Salad in Date Vinaigrette & Grilled Avocado “Tapenade” from Chef Nick Morfogen from 32 East 
(Serves 4)

Spice Mix:
1 T each:                   
Fennel Seed
Black Peppercorns

1/2 Each                     Red Onion (Minced)
2 T                               Red Wine Vinegar
1 T                               Orange Blossom Honey
4 Each                         Dates (Pitted & Chopped)
1 T                               Fresh Thyme (Finely Chopped)
To Taste                     Kosher Salt & Fresh Ground Black Pepper
4 T                               Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Each                         Avocados (Pitted & Grilled)
1 C                               Green Olives (Pitted, I use Castelvetrano)
1 Each                         Garlic Clove (Minced)
1 T                               Parsley (Chopped)
2 T                               Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salad & Fish:
1 1/2 C                           Farro (Pearled, Cooked Like Pasta & Cooled)
1/4 C                              Walnuts (Toasted & Chopped)
1/2 lb                             Kale (Chopped)
3/4 C                              Oyster Mushroom (Sliced Thin)
4oz                              Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 Each (6-8 oz)           Cobia Filets
To Taste                     Salt & Spice Mix


Toast spices in a dry sauté pan until fragrant, set aside to cool & grind in a blender or coffee grinder.

Whisk together all ingredients for the vinaigrette & set aside.

For the tapenade, combine all ingredients in a food processor & blend until smooth. Cover it & set aside.

Assemble salad in a stainless steel bowl. Combine farro, walnuts, kale, oyster mushrooms & 3?4 of the vinaigrette. Taste for seasoning & set aside for 20-30 minutes.

Heat olive oil in a cast iron skillet. Season cobia filets with salt & toasted spice mix on both sides. Carefully place fish into pan & cook until done (about 3-4 minutes per side). Remove from pan & keep warm.

Place a large spoonful of tapenade on each of the plates. Place a scoop of the salad onto the tapenade & then the fish filet. Drizzle remaining vinaigrette onto fish & serve.