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Revolutionary Hair Products

Posted at 11:46 AM, Sep 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 11:46:34-04

While there may be thousands of beauty options on the market today, it can be hard to figure out what really works.

As a beauty blogger, I have tried hundreds of different products – and I have rounded up some of my favorite new recommendations to help take your hair to the next level:

Monat is a game-changing hair brand that has something for everyone, and I love the way it has improved the quality of my hair. This line of toxic free hair products that turn your bad hair days into good hair days! It has helped my husband dramatically re-grow his hair in only two months. Since I suffer from hair loss myself, I have been using all of the products for several weeks now, and my own hair thinning has completely stopped! I am excited to continue to use it for the full recommended 90 days to see how much my hair regrows.

The company’s signature formula is the perfect blend of rare, distinctive oils from different countries all over the world bound together by the latest scientific technologies. This exclusive design -- the Rejuveniqe™ formula -- is the foundation used in every one of the products in Monat. The underlying balance between science and nature allows you to have an unparalleled and unique hair and skin care experience. I am a distributor for these products, and you can check out my website at http://NathanAngela.MyMonat.com.

• I adore the revolutionary hair styling tool, The Sleep Styler®, which helps you look your best without the stress. The Sleep Styler® is a heat-free pillow-like hair roller that helps dry and curl your hair while you sleep. It was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and backed by Lori Greiner, and is designed to absorb moisture quickly while remaining dry to the touch. 

You can achieve beautiful hair effortlessly with the super-absorbent, heat-free rollers. The memory-foam core is comfortable to sleep on, and the ultra-suede texture on the rollers also polishes your hair to a gorgeous shine. Just set, sleep and go! The Sleep Styler® works well with a variety of hair types and is available in Large and Mini Styles. You can purchase it online at http://www.thesleepstyler.com.

• Revlon just launched the new 360 Surround AC Styler, and there’s nothing like it on the market! It will transform how you blow dry hair, because it actually has two modes of drying. Twist the nozzle for the Vertical 360 drying mode, which activates targeted air jets that surround each hair section front and back. You literally put your hair inside the dryer! The air flows downward, sealing in the cuticle. Or you can twist it to the classic Horizontal™ mode that is your traditional blow dryer powerful for up-close root drying and styling with a brush. This Dual Air Flow System has 70% more hair coverage! You can find it at Target.

• For effortless, beachy waves, the Beachwaver Pro is famous for being used backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows. This innovative professional rotating curling iron does the work for you and makes a beautiful beach wave with user-friendly features. It rotates in both directions for those bombshell waves at the touch of a button. The Beachwaver Pro was invented by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, and the automatic rotation of the barrel takes the guesswork out of how to achieve a beautiful style. The quick heat-up from 310-450 degrees in 30 seconds will help you look fabulous in a flash. This product is available for purchase at https://beachwaver.com/products/the-beachwaver.

• Tired of washing long hair, blow-drying and re-styling it, when really just the roots need washing? Now, you can keep the ends of your hair dry while you wash your scalp with PonyDry. This genius invention is essentially a shower cap for the longer ends of your hair. It will save you time and energy in the morning!

Here’s how PonyDry works: put your hair in a ponytail, slide the ends all the way into the PonyDry hair sleeve, twist into a bun, secure it with the elastic hook to keep the ponytail part dry and start washing your roots. When you’re done showering, leave PonyDry in while you blowdry only the wet part. It’s available in pink or black at https://www.ponydry.com.

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