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Ramen with 5 cheese croquettes and the loaded Yucca fries (10/5/17)

Posted at 11:04 AM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-05 11:40:33-04


3 table spoons of butter


Then whisk in 1/3 cup of flour

2 teaspoon sea salt

Once fully incorporated 

slowly poor

3 cups of heavy cream

Now add 4 oz of each cheese

Once melted remove from heat


8 ounces of noodles

Cook noodles til al  dente

Now in a bowl add scallions


Softly fold all the ingredients together.

Store in refriderator to cool.

Roll into balls

Then roll in flour then egg wash then Panko

Deep fry for 4 minutes at 350



(Non scratch version)

Turn pot on medium heat

1 table spoon extra virgin olive oil

1 table spoon minced garlic

Sauteed then add

1 can pomodoro tomatoes

Turn to low heat


3 table spoons sriracha

2 table spoons salt

1 table spoon white pepper

3 freshly squeezed lemons

Stir softly

Gently lay 9 large basil leaves on surface of sauce.

Stir lightly after 5 minutes

Incorporating basil

Leave at a simmer for 15 minutes to allow flavors to develop


Yucca fries

Peel and boil yucca for about 15 minutes

Gently Toss in olive oil and let cool for about an hour.

Pre heat fryer at 350

Fry at 350 degrees for 3 minutes


Guasacaca- 1 white onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 bunch cilantro, 2 table spoons apple cider vinegar, 2 ripe avocadoes, 2 teaspoon kosher salt, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 2 table spoons lime juice.

Place all ingredients in blender and puree


Kimchee aioli

1 bunch cilantro finely chopped

4 cups aioli or mayo

1 table spoon kosher salt

2 table spoons lime juice

1/4 cup kimchee base


Crispy bacon


Broken up queso fresco

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