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Not-so-scary Halloween beauty

Posted at 12:10 PM, Oct 18, 2018

Maybe you’ve seen those terrifying Halloween makeup tutorials – but what if you want a themed look that’s a little more conservative? Here are some tips and tricks for not-so-scary Halloween beauty.


1.       The CHI Nano Hair Dryer features proprietary Nano Silver and Blue LED light technology that helps to kill bacteria in the dryer and in the air. This dryer weighs less than a pound, and the technology was developed by NASA scientists. With nanosilver as a passive sterilizing component, airborne contaminants like fungi and bacteria quickly die after settling on the surface. It can be purchased at Ulta's website. 

2.       A skin peel may sound scary to do yourself, but with the right products, you can try this salon skin treatment at home.Elina Organics Probiotic Peel helps to smooth rough textures and reduce skin irritation and discoloration. A synergetic blend of friendly bacteria is used, each proven to balance the skin, including live cultures like Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus plantarum, both of which offer anti-inflammatory effects. It can be purchased at http://elinaorganicsskincare.com/probiotic-peel

3.       Beauty bloggers love to do dramatic makeup looks, but what if you don’t feel up to par with a makeup artist? Kryolan Make-up, a leader in Halloween and special effects makeup, has a Fairy Girl Kit and a Pop Art Gal Kit that contain every product you need to create spectacular looks. They even come with a visual guide that explains the techniques step-by-step so you can feel comfortable replicating them. Get the Fairy Halloween Kit at https://us.kryolan.com/product/fairy-girl-kit and the Pop Art Gal Halloween Kit at https://us.kryolan.com/product/pop-art-gal-kit

4.       If you’ve heard of the “vampire facial,” it’s been upgraded. Now, you can experience RF microneedling– AKA (an upgraded version of) the “Vampire Facial” – to promote the growth of collagen in your skin. MD Beauty Labs and BIOAGE MD in West Palm Beach offers the procedure, which creates the micro-lesions necessary to begin the collagen production process, while also allowing products to penetrate deeper into the skin to ramp up the results. The extra collagen fills in the gaps and valleys that are scars, wrinkles and general loss of volume that can make skin look more aged and less tight. To book your procedure, visit www.mdbeautylabs.com and www.bioagemd.com .

5.       Hair loss can be frightening, but you can treat it with Monat’s Black 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner. This toxin-free product cleanses and conditions hair while supporting hair re-growth and providing essential moisture balance to reduce hair thinning. You can purchase yours at my website at http://nathanangela.mymonat.com

6.       Urban Decay's Born To Run is an all-in-one eyeshadow palette that has everything you need to create a special Halloween eyeshadow look. With 21 of-the-moment shades - including "Baja," a burnt orange matte and "Jet," a black with deep shimmering purple shift - you've got every possible eye look covered in one sleek kit. Born To Run's eyeshadow shades hold tightly onto pigment that stays put through all of your trick-or-treating adventures. You can purchase it at https://www.urbandecay.com/born-to-run-eyeshadow-palette-urban-decay/ud907.html

7.       Rock a Halloween-themed French manicure with orange and black nail colors from Bella Reina Salon & Spa in Delray Beach. The spa uses toxin-free vegan nail polish – Dazzle Dry – which dries faster and lasts longer on natural nails than anything else on the market today. The system imparts the longest chip-free wear with the fastest air-drying top coat. To go the extra mile of self-pampering, try the “Queen’s” pedicure for your tootsies. Book your treatments now at www.bellareinaspa.com.