Deputies who rescued woman driver speak to media

Posted at 1:34 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 20:34:20-04

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, Fla-- They never gave up hope.

“There was no other choice. We had to go back,” said Deputy Linda Nolan.

That determination is why people across the nation are calling two local deputies heroes.

They pulled a woman from a burning vehicle Wednesday morning at the intersection of Oslso Road and 66th Avenue in Indian River County.

Those heroic actions were all caught on camera.

When you watch that video and watch those deputies face fire to rescue a woman, “hero” is exactly the word that comes to mind.

However, they says this is what first responders do every day.

Deputy Robert Sunkel the first deputy to show up to that fiery 3 car crash earlier this week.

His dash camera was rolling the whole time.

He quickly realizes a woman is trapped in one of the burning cars. Deputy Sunkel breaks her car window hoping to free her, but she's trapped. She was wedged between her seatbelt, the airbag and the steering wheel.

Within seconds fellow deputy, Linda Nolan arrives. Deputy Nolan grabs a fire extinguisher, trying to put the flames out inside the car. But even then, they still can’t get her free. Finally they make one last push to rescue the woman, and it works. The two deputies pulled her away from the flames just in time.

Friday, we heard from those two brave deputies.

“It’s every day. It’s what first responders do every day. It just doesn't always get caught on camera. But this time it did," said Nolan.

Their success may go a step beyond a partnership. Deputy Nolan trained Deputy Sunkel when he first started on the force.

The woman pulled from the wreckage is still in critical condition. FHP continues to investigate the crash.