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Gift ideas for pet lovers

Posted: 11:53 AM, Nov 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-20 14:34:33-05
Gift ideas for pet lovers

Featured Products:

* Petsies -  MyPetsies.com

* Waggables -  Waggables.com

* ISlide -  www.islideusa.com/  (Exclusive discount for your viewers: WPTV for 20 percent off) 

*Grounds & Hounds:  groundsandhoundscoffee.com/  (Exclusive discount code for your viewers: WPTV20 for 20 percent off)

*Cuddly -  cuddly.com/  (Exclusive discount code for your viewers: WPTV20 for a $20 credit)



Petsies custom stuffed animals /  MyPetsies.com


Great gift for kids of all ages including the hard to buy for Tweens and Teens!

Kids will love designing their own Waggable /  Waggables.com  


Here’s some custom sandals that are popular with celebrities! Use discount code WPTV to save 20 percent off through Nov. 27

Custom Pet ISlide sandals /  ISlideUSA.com


-Here’s a great gift idea for coffee lovers that also gives back to help animals looking for their forever homes. For our viewers discount code: WPTV20 will give you 20 percent off

Grounds & Hounds Coffee /  GroundsAndHoundsCoffee.com


-Finally, it's like a baby registry but for animals! Tell us how Cuddly works. When you sign up use code: WPTV20 for a $20 credit!

Cuddly Pet Registry / C uddly.com