Eau Spa holiday hair hacks

Posted at 6:18 AM, Nov 22, 2016

Holiday hair hacks can save your evening.

There are tons of cute hair styles that can be achieved in a jiffy with some help from the three “P’s; products, pieces and pins!

Fishtails, side braids and halo braids are all the rage since the new Vikings and Game of Thrones shows have shown us all of the cool options that we have for taming our manes into beautiful and pretty patterns. This trend has been especially hot with brides.  It is easy to pull long hair to the side and add a plait at the end or DIY a French braid up the back of your neck from one side to the other for a pretty halo effect.

Top knots are nice, because they elongate the neck and have the elegant look.  Beautiful Socialites like Lee Radziwill and Jackie O all sported high buns at elegant events in the 60s and 70s and always stole the show. This can be achieved by pulling your hair on the top of your headed, threading it through a bun-bun, and securing in place with bobby pins. You can also create faux bangs by doing a deep side part and pinning it in place.

“Messy hair, don’t care” is all the rage! If you want to channel that hot, LA rocker look, then then twist your hair in small sections, and then run your flat iron up and down each twist a few times. Flip your hair forward, and shake out the pieces your fingers. You can add dry shampoo, texture powders, dry shampoos and volumizing products instead of straightening balm for sexy and voluminous hair.

Coachella and Snapchat have introduced the ubiquitous flower crown that is all over social media and earthy fashion ads. It is a modern spin on the traditional flower-child look that you may add feathers, twigs to and all sorts of natural embellishments to.  It is very modern, and naturally feminine.

Two buns can be better than one bun of you are looking to punch up your “I didn’t even try” style. It is as if Princess Leia took her two buns and moved them up higher to her middle part and moved the buns up higher to Heaven.  It has a new-ag, techie look to it that will add edge to any look.

If you are tired of wearing your choker as a neck ornament, then try and place it over your chignon.  This fun hair trend is all over the red carpet, and it’s a great way to utilize pieces that have been awaiting your attention in your jewelry drawer! 

Always romantic, sophisticate and elegant, and beautiful side week harkens to the gorgeous Greek goddesses.  This is an easy-do, and can be lunched up with the simple edition of flowers, ornaments or a few braided pieces. This is an easy way to look polished on the run that requires only a rubber band, some bobby pins and an Uber Driver to give you time in the back seat to make it all happen!

2017 is all about not apologizing for being you! If you have frizzy hair, then add some product and embrace it.  You do not have to rely on flat irons and hair dryers as much as you used to.

At Eau Spa, we use Halos to add luscious locks to those who want to add length or volume in a hurry.  It is amazing the color selection that you are able to choose from now, and this works on all hair types and colors – even ombres!  You simply slip the hair under your natural hair and secure.  For a more permanent solution, we offer Allure tape-ins, Great Length keratin extensions and Dream Catcher extensions.  You can have any type of hair that you want whenever you want it.


This information was provided by Eau Spa