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Last minute back to school shopping advice from Christina Nicholson

Last minute back to school shopping advice from Christina Nicholson
Posted at 11:18 AM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 11:41:08-04

We're almost a week into the new school year and you may be noticing that your school shopping isn't quite done.

Here to help us make sure our kids are set up for success is a local family blogger, Christina Nicholson from ChristinaAllDay.com.


For kids in elementary or middle school, I love this Picklez brand that you can find for DiscountGlasses.com. Both pairs are under $27... and that includes the prescription with free shipping and free returns.

For high school or college students, you can have trendy brands like Westend or Lunettos and I need glasses to look at a computer screen to keep my eyes from straining and Discount Glasses also has those that you don't need a prescription for.

If you don't like to accessorize, you can also get great deals at DiscountContactLenses.com too!


When kids are in school, they're away more and when they're home, they're busy... so how do you get them to talk - especially without their iPhone nearby? You play Vertellis. It's a game where you score points be having meaningful conversations with family and friends. Something like this is long overdue and it's a great reminder to not let the back to school hecticness interfere with talking to each other... and this makes it more fun.


So let's talk about packing lunches and eating. My kids will come home with an empty lunch box and drink... if it looks good. That's why I love Tervis because they have so many fun designs that kids love to carry into school... and you can even customize your cup. So keep it fun!

Sandwich Cutters at Publix

I had to throw these sandwich cutters in here because this is what gets my kids excited to eat their sandwiches. There's something about cutting them up in little hearts and trains that make them more appetizing. I just grabbed this at the end of an aisle in Publix for $4!

These are all very important - all around - for kids heading back to school. You can find out more on ChristinaAllDay.com