Video apparently shows Bills fans having sex in parking lot

Posted at 7:04 AM, Dec 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-07 09:45:25-05

The latest video of Buffalo Bills fans behaving badly that is taking the internet by storm apparently shows two fans having sex in a parking lot.

Due to the graphic nature of the video, we won’t be sharing it here. But the video, which lasts six seconds, shows a man in a Bills jersey and blue knit hat apparently having sex with a woman who is also in a Bills jersey.

The video was shot in a parking lot. Before the camera zooms in on the couple, you can see garbage strewn on the grass and a second person lifting up a cellphone to capture the action. Among the cars in the background is a truck flying a large Bills flag, which flaps in the breeze as the couple has sex.

A single word is superimposed across the screen: “Savage.”

This is the latest in embarrassing videos involving Bills fans that have been taken following a home game at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

It began in September, after the Bills took on the Colts, when video of a man playing dizzy bat and slamming headfirst into a bus was being talked about across the country.

The next month, when the Bills took on Giants, video of a dance off that ends in an RKO through a plastic table. Once again, Bills fans make the national news.

Now there is a video of two fans apparently having sex (which some claim was actually taken in September 2014 and is only just now making headlines) and a video of a fan choke-slamming Santa Claus into a plastic table.

So our question for you, Bills fans: Does something need to change to stop videos like this from coming out after a home game? And if it does, what? More security? Limits on tailgating? An increased sense of fan responsibility?

Or is this a case of just a few bad apples taking things too far? These latest two videos came at a time of heightened security at the Ralph after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. And it's unclear if all of these videos were taken in a stadium parking lot. So are changes even needed?

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