Sun King Brewery prints 'Tom Brady Sux' onto bottom of cans

Posted at 1:07 PM, Aug 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-12 04:14:07-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- If there's one thing Indianapolis agrees on, it's the opinion of the New England Patriots and their now suspended quarterback Tom Brady following his role in DeflateGate. 

And someone on the canning line at Sun King Brewery whimsically expressed that opinion in a subtle place: The bottom of their beer cans.

Take a closer look at the above photo, and you might agree.

But while the employees at Sun King might not refute the sentiment, they say the message wasn't exactly company-approved.

The brewery recently put in a new canning machine that allows them to print some different things on the bottom of their cans, which they've tried out with clever messages such as "Turn left for Indy 500" or "I am Batman."

The 20,000-or-so Wee Mac cans that were running down the line on May 13, 2015, just days after the original four-game suspension was handed out to Brady, were given the message by an unnamed employee.

Sun King says while they appreciate the exposure the message has given their product, they've instituted a new policy that says messages on the bottom of cans must be submitted for approval.

In a Facebook post Tuesday afternoon, Sun King released the following statement:

One of our employees had some fun with the canning line and the date coder, and while we wouldn’t have condoned that message, we understand the passion our employee has for the Indianapolis Colts. As Colts fans and Hoosiers, we sincerely apologize to any Tom Brady fans in Indiana who were offended by those cans.

Much like the Snapple caps of old, make sure you check the bottom of your next Sun King for something clever, it just might not be as blunt.