Report: NFL fires ref who blew call that resulted in TD for Chargers vs. Browns

Posted at 3:12 PM, Oct 25, 2018

A referee who missed a false start on a play that ended with the Chargers scoring a touchdown against the Browns on Oct. 14 has reportedly been fired by the NFL. is reporting that the NFL has taken the unprecedented step of firing down judge Hugo Cruz in the middle of the season. 

BrownsWire claims Cruz missed an obvious false started by Los Angeles Chargers LT Russell Okung in the Week 6 game against the Browns on the same play Philip Rivers threw a touchdown pass to Tyrell Williams. 

ChargersWire writer Kyle Posey took issue with the NFL’s decision, stating: “He missed a call. It was an obvious penalty. There are several officials that miss game-changing calls every game. Sometimes multiple times during the game. It’s unfortunate that he lost his job. We will see if the NFL continues to make these reactionary moves and if this becomes a trend.”

JeffRidsonwithBrownsWire had a different take: “There is finally some recourse for the terrible officiating gaffes which have plagued the NFL this season in games involving the Cleveland Browns.”

Both agree a firing is unprecedented.

No official has ever been fired during the season for performance in the modern era of American football.