Report: Jeter fires four additional Marlins executives

Posted at 11:08 AM, Sep 30, 2017

Incoming Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter has fired four additional executives, according to a report by the Miami Herald.

The four men fired were Mike Berger, Marc DelPiano, Jeff McAvoy and Jim Benedict. Team president David Samson was asked to notify the men of their terminations. Samson also gave the bad news to four other executives just a week ago. Following Sunday's season finale, Samson will depart the organization as well.

Berger served as assistant general manager under president of baseball operations, Michael Hill. Thus far, Hill appears to be keeping his role with the team. That is however subject to change this off-season. Hill recently signed a contract extension, though Jeter could still elect to go in another direction.

DelPiano came on board in 2015 and at the time, it was with a lot of fanfare. DelPiano who was serving as vice president of player development is well respected in the game and had spent time with the Marlins earlier in his career. Without positive results and with the change in ownership, Jeter decided to move on from DelPiano.

McAvoy was the vice president of player personnel spent four years with the Marlins prior to this termination. Much like the other men who were let go, this is a move being made due to a change of ownership. Jeter will undoubtedly bring in some people that he has a personal history with.

Benedict was working as vice president of pitching development. Miami acquired Benedict from Pittsburgh and he was expected to turn around a rough minor-league system. The results have not been there however as the Marlins have continued to struggle from the bottom to the top. Without the results and with a new boss in town, Benedict will now need to seek employment elsewhere.

Last week Jeter gave Jeff Conine, Jack McKeon, Andre Dawson and Tony Perez their walking papers. The moves were met with some disappointment from longtime fans of the team. The men were popular names in franchise history and had been serving as special assistants to Samson and owner Jeffrey Loria.

This could just be the beginning of changes for the Marlins, with Jeter set to officially take over as CEO and part owner next week.


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