Palm Beach Surf Forecast, Updated local surf forecast for SE Florida

Updated: October 14, 2018 - Surf forecast for the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.

REWIND:  Back to flat but at least we got the clean water back


High pressure moves in and onshore wind picks up a bit.  This will pick up some small/weak windchop waves to grovel around on this week.  Right now Tuesday or Wednesday morning look the biggest, but that might only be thigh high.  Some hope at the end of the week as a cold front moves south and stalls north of us, but not before sending a north swell down late Friday/Saturday.  Size still in question but it's not looking like anything big, maybe the waist high or so range. It'll be blown out with gusty onshore winds picking up.



MONDAY: onshore wind picks up, and surf starts to build.  Knee high, maybe a bit bigger late in the day. Wind East 10-20kts.

TUESDAY:  Knee- thigh high east windchop.  Wind East 10-20kts.

WEDNESDAY:  Knee-thigh high windchop. Biggest in the morning dropping during the day Wind E 15kts.

THURSDAY: Knee high weak windchop. Wind east 10-15kts. picking up around sunset.

FRIDAY:  Waist high east windchop with some underlying north swell from the stalled front. Wind East 10-20kts.

SATURDAY:  Waist high cross-chopped up, fading during the day. Wind SE 15-10kts.

SUNDAY:  knee high or less

MONDAY(22nd): Possibly our first cold front bringing a blast of NE wind!





Tropics going quiet now.  Time to turn our attention to cold fronts. It's about that time we get our first cold front!  Models somewhat consistent on two tries, one around the 22/23rd, and if that doesn't make it one around the 27th....which may consist of a low moving along the front and strengthening as it moves through our swell window. Still too early to tell but something wants to pop to start off our winter season!   It'll be nice to get some cooler weather and some good waves. Can't wait!


Winter is looking really good.  We could be looking at a colder than normal winter, and an el nino forming which would mean storm tracks are farther south, and our swell chances will be good. I'm thinking right now signs are pointing to a really good winter surf season this year!  It may start off slow in November, but dec/jan could get real good!


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