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Penn State boasts of Super Bowl successes on Twitter, roasted by other schools

Every school took shots at Penn State, except for the ones that didn't
The Pennsylvania State University sign at Beaver Stadium
Posted at 12:57 AM, Feb 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-07 00:57:30-05

This is why it's always important to read the fine print.

Like many schools this time of year, Penn State is touting its football program's Super Bowl accolades.

One such boastful moment came in the form of a Twitter post claiming that a former Penn State player has appeared in every Super Bowl. But the tiny type at the bottom of the bold lettering on the graphic provided some clarity: "Except for five since 1967."

Other schools were quick to poke fun at the exception and wasted little time mocking Penn State for it with similar posts.

Even the Atlantic Coast Conference got in on the gag.

Eventually, Penn State followed up with a tweet that took it all in jest.

At least Penn State had a sense of humor about it.