4-year-old boy tees up a hole-in-one

Posted at 1:08 PM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 13:08:21-04

WHEELING, West Virginia — The PGA may want to start making way for a new young star.

Watch this four-year old tee up at a course near Wheeling, West Virginia earlier this week.

Rocco started swinging a golf club when he was three and now he loves it.

His dad took him out to a par-three course, which for an experienced golfer is typically not the hardest kind of course. But remember Rocco is only four years old.

Rocco hit a hole-in-one. He couldn't believe it and so he ran down to get a closer look.

His dad, Mario Figaretti, said, "He swings right handed, with a left handed grip and it works for him, so I don't think we're going to switch it. The past couple years, it's just been really fun watching him develop a love for the game because he really does spend a lot of time out here in the yard hitting golf balls."

Rocco's family is just thrilled golf is an activity father and son can enjoy together.