U.S. T&F Trials Day 10: Lyles, Muhammad, McLaughlin vie for spots

U.S. T&F Trials Day 10: Lyles, Muhammad, McLaughlin vie for spots
Posted at 3:55 PM, Jun 27, 2021

The U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Track and Field take place June 18-27 in Eugene, Oregon. Sunday's competition, the final day, can be streamed live on and the NBC Sports app, as well as seen live on TV from 7-8 p.m. ET on NBC.* Any coverage on NBCSN or Olympic Channel can be streamed on Peacock.

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Live meet results here:

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After failing to qualify in the 100m last week, the weaker of his two sprints, Noah Lyles' Tokyo Olympic chances rest heavily upon and almost certainly come down to the result of Sunday's 200m final.

The event's reigning world champion enters with the fastest personal-best among the field – his 19.50 from July 2019 has him No. 4 on the all-time list. Kenny Bednarek's 19.80 comes next, tied for 25th.

But he also comes in with only the fourth-fastest time (19.90) run by an American this year, behind Bednarek and 17-year-old Erriyon Knighton, who have both clocked 19.88, and NCAA 100m champion Terrance Laird's 19.81.

What's more, the 23-year-old Virginia native's seventh-place finish in last Sunday's 100m final didn't officially grant him a spot in the relay pool, further necessitating a top-three finish in the 200m showdown.

Knighton was the top qualifier of the prelims (20.04) and semifinals (19.88), beating Lyles in both of his rounds' sections and taking down Usain Bolt's under-20 world record in the latter.

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Dalilah Muhammad and Sydney McLaughlin will compete in the 400m hurdles final with all spectating on world-record watch – and the duo have only each other to beat, already the two best in history.

Barring catastrophe both should comfortably make their second U.S. Olympic teams. But neither enjoy losing, and it's that unknown that will bring fireworks to Hayward Field on Sunday night.

Muhammad, 31, is the reigning Olympic and world champion as well as current world record-holder. She's dealt with injury in 2021, competing in the 400m hurdles just two times this year before Trials, winning both races.

The Queens, New York, native twice broke the world record in 2019, first when capturing her fourth national title in 52.20 and then in the final at the world championships in 52.16. They're still the two fastest times ever recorded.

She enters the final as the No. 3 American this season with a 53.86, clocked Saturday at Trials during the semifinal round. Ahead of her are McLaughlin's 52.83 from earlier this month and Shamier Litte's 53.12 from May.

McLaughlin, who's from New Jersey, was runner-up at the 2019 World Championships behind Muhammad. She ran 52.23 in that race to become the second-fastest woman in the event's history.

The 21-year-old, who finished 16th in Rio a week after turning 17, has been impressive in the early rounds at Trials, finishing as the top qualifier in both the prelims (54.07) and semifinals (53.03).

Muhammad’s 2016 Olympic title was Team USA's first gold in the women's 400m hurdles. She and McLaughlin also won 2019 world titles in the 4x400m relay and will likely be in the pool for the Tokyo team.

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High heat will continue to be a factor, with temperatures expected to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during afternoon and evening competition.

Men's 5000m - Final (1 p.m. ET)

1. Paul Chelimo, 13:26.82 - *Olympic qualifier*
2. Grant Fisher, 13:27.01 - *Olympic qualifier*
3. Woody Kincaid, 13:27.13 - *Olympic qualifier*

4. Cooper Teare, 13:28.08
5. Emmanuel Bor, 13:30.30
6. Morgan Beadlescomb, 13:30.90
7. Robert Brandt, 13:32.21
8. Conner Mantz, 13:32.69
9. Nico Young, 13:35.94
10. Eric Jenkins, 13:39.72
11. Hassan Mead, 13:47.85
12. Casey Clinger, 13:50.20
13. Ian Shanklin, 13:50.71
14. Garrett Heath, 13:55.33
15. Eduardo Herrera, 14:00.46
DNF Thomas Ratcliffe

Heptathlon - Day 2


Long Jump (4 p.m. ET)

Flight 1 of 2 Finals

1 Ashtin Mahler Tracksmith
2 Kendell Williams NIKE
3 Maddie Holmberg Nickal Penn State
4 Michelle Atherley Miami
5 Jordan Gray MultiStars Inc
6 Erinn Beattie Unattached
7 Annie Kunz Unattached
8 Erin Marsh Duke
9 Jadin O'Brien Notre Dame

Flight 2 of 2 Finals

1 Asya Reynolds Georgia
2 Juanita Webster-Freeman Santa Barbara TC
3 Anna Hall Georgia
4 Erica Bougard NIKE
5 Lindsay Flach MultiStars Inc
6 Riley Cooks Oiselle
7 Taliyah Brooks ASICS
8 Hope Bender Unattached
9 Chari Hawkins On

Javelin (5:15 p.m. ET)

1 Lindsay Flach MultiStars Inc
2 Asya Reynolds Georgia
3 Maddie Holmberg Nickal Penn State
4 Jordan Gray MultiStars Inc
5 Erinn Beattie Unattached
6 Taliyah Brooks ASICS
7 Hope Bender Unattached
8 Erin Marsh Duke
9 Annie Kunz Unattached
10 Jadin O'Brien Notre Dame
11 Kendell Williams NIKE
12 Ashtin Mahler Tracksmith
13 Chari Hawkins On
14 Juanita Webster-Freeman Santa Barbara TC
15 Riley Cooks Oiselle
16 Anna Hall Georgia
17 Michelle Atherley Miami
18 Erica Bougard NIKE

800m (6:50, 7:04 p.m. ET)


Men's High Jump - Final (4:15 p.m. ET)


1 Jordan Wesner Florida State 2.19m
2 Trey Culver adidas 2.19m
3 Earnest Sears USC 2.19m
4 Jason Smith Long Beach St 2.19m
5 Keenon Laine Tracksmith 2.19m
6 Mayson Conner Nebraska 2.19m
7 Tyler Arroyo Unattached 2.19m
8 Erik Kynard Jordan Brand 2.19m
9 Zack Anderson South Dakota 2.19m
10 Darryl Sullivan Tennessee 2.19m
11 JuVaughn Harrison LSU 2.19m
12 Shelby McEwen Unattached 2.19m

Men's Long Jump - Final (6:45 p.m. ET)


1 Damarcus Simpson Unattached 7.85m
2 Marquis Dendy Unattached 8.09m
3 Corey Crawford Unattached 8.03m
4 JuVaughn Harrison LSU 8.06m
5 Trumaine Jefferson Unattached 7.98m
6 Cameron Crump Mississippi St 7.99m
7 Jeff Henderson adidas 8.02m
8 Allen Gordon Mississippi 7.93m
9 Rayvon Allen Oklahoma 8.02m
10 Isaac Grimes Florida State 7.88m
11 Steffin McCarter Texas 8.10m
12 Jarrion Lawson Unattached 8.12m

Women's 400m Hurdles - Final (7:18 p.m. ET)


2 Deonca Bookman Unattached 55.66
3 Ashley Spencer NIKE 55.25
4 Cassandra Tate Unattached 55.24
5 Shamier Little adidas 53.71
6 Sydney McLaughlin New Balance 53.03
7 Dalilah Muhammad NIKE 53.86
8 Nnenya Hailey Unattached 54.24
9 Anna Cockrell USC 55.10

Women's 800m - Final (7:30 p.m. ET)


1 Hanna Green NIKE / NIKE OT 2:01.19
2 Michaela Meyer Virginia 2:01.06
3 Nia Akins BROOKS Beasts 2:01.09
4 Allie Wilson Atlanta TC 1:59.94
5 Ajee' Wilson adidas 1:59.49
6 Athing Mu NIKE 1:59.31
7 Chanelle Price NIKE OTCE 1:59.90
8 Kate Grace NIKE 1:59.43
9 Raevyn Rogers NIKE 1:59.66

Men's 1500m - Final (7:40 p.m. ET)


1 Vincent Ciattei NIKE / NIKE OT 3:38.74
2 Craig Engels NIKE 3:38.56
3 Henry Wynne Brooks/Brooks B 3:43.77
4 Colby Alexander EMPIRE ELITE 3:38.71
5 Cole Hocker Oregon 3:43.00
6 Eric Avila adidas 3:39.07
7 Matthew Centrowitz NIKE/Bowerman 3:42.96
8 Josh Thompson NIKE/Bowerman 3:43.61
9 David Ribich Brooks/Brooks B 3:38.75
10 Yared Nuguse Notre Dame 3:38.60
11 Sam Prakel adidas 3:43.82
12 Waleed Suliman BROOKS Beasts 3:38.78

Men's 200m - Final (7:52 p.m. ET)


2 Fred Kerley NIKE 20.08
3 Kyree King NIKE 20.23
4 Andrew Hudson Unattached 20.02
5 Noah Lyles adidas 19.91
6 Erriyon Knighton adidas 19.88
7 Kenny Bednarek NIKE 19.90
8 Isiah Young NIKE 19.99
9 Terrance Laird adidas 20.22