Parkland victims watch private movie premiere about school shooting

Posted at 11:23 PM, Oct 12, 2018

A private screening for a new documentary about the Parkland school shooting was held at Paragon Ridge 8 Friday night. The movie directed by Charlie Minn highlights 40 different perspectives of what happened that day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 

“We were talking about it in class today and one of my students said you know I’m going tonight but I’m really nervous and I said you know what I am to,” said English teacher Debbie Jacobson. 

It’s the first time a lot of these teachers and students are speaking about their experience on camera. 

“We all stayed quiet for a long time because we were all traumatized,” said Jacobson. 

The documentary titled Parkland Inside Building 12 is 112 minutes and never once mentions the shooter. 

“This film is a real play by play, blow by blow of what happened, what transpired on Valentines Day,” said Minn. 

"We appear in the movie and the reason we did that is to help the world remember our daughter Gina who was a victim in the shooting," said Tony Montalto. 

Although 17 lives were taken that day, the fight to never forget them continues. 

Several foundations and organizations have been created after the Parkland shooting. 

Montalto has started a scholarship to honor his late daughter Gina. CLICK HERE for details.