Kelly Guthrie Raley: Florida teacher's emotional post after Parkland shooting goes viral

Posted: 11:10 AM, Feb 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-19 16:41:58Z

A day after the school shooting in Broward County, a central Florida teacher posted her thoughts on why she thinks the violence is occurring in America.

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Teacher Kelly Guthrie Raley of Eustis, Fla., located just north of Orlando, says children "don’t understand the permanency of death anymore."

Raley's post had been shared more than 690,000 times by Monday morning. 

She goes on to say that the mental health, lack of moral values, violent video games and "horrendous lack of parental support" is all contributing to the shootings.   

Raley said parents need to “STEP UP!” and be the annoying mom that pries and knows what their child is doing.  

She concluded the post by asking, "When are we going to take our own responsibility seriously?"

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