Church services honor Parkland school shooting victims on Sunday

Posted at 4:38 AM, Feb 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-19 04:38:21-05

Sunday services throughout South Florida were dedicated to the 17 people who lost their lives in the school shooting in Parkland.

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The Coral Springs Church hosted a large crowd at Sunday service that focused on the shooting and how to heal from it.

Their screen during the service showed #ParklandStrong while the minister and others wore shirts from Stoneman Douglas High School.

First responders were recognized with a standing ovation and a long round of applause.  The minister talked about the member they lost in the shooting.

"At that point, we got the word that one of our ninth graders was among the kids who got away, wasn't in the hospital. I was the furthest thing from a composed pastor you've ever seen."

Candles were lit for each of the 17 people who lost their lives.