Change demanded at town hall in Coral Springs

Posted at 11:30 PM, Apr 03, 2018

The movement out of Parkland to demand change after the Valentine’s Day massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School was in the next town over, Coral Springs, with a standing room only town hall. 

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The theme of the night: change. 

Some local, state and federal leaders on stage answering, surviving students asking. 

A freshman named Kimberly asked, “How do you expect us to get over this but take a test?” referring to state mandated testing. 

“My fear is being treated like prisoners for a crime that we didn’t commit,” said Samantha Fuentes, who was shot during the Feb. 14 shooting. “Clear backpacks?”

“A lot of us are not doing well,” another student said. 

Their pleas prompting more psychologist on campus and the school board agreeing to reconsider some testing. 


There’s been change on the state level to gun laws, but federally still nothing.

Fred Gutenberg’s daughter, Jamie, was killed during the massacre. 

“And to those legislators who don’t come along and do the right thing, we will fire you,” he said, addressing the crowd. 

The congress returns next week, after members will meet with their local constituents. Among the ideas U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch said he will bring with him is expanding background checks on guns.