Russian Gomboeva recovers to help team advance in archery

Russian Gomboeva recovers to help team advance in archery
Posted at 1:00 AM, Jul 25, 2021

Russian Svetlana Gomboeva returned to competition on Sunday two days after passing out with sunstroke under the strong Tokyo sun. She helped her team reach the quarterfinal of the women's archery competition. The Athletes from Russia will take on the United States in the quarterfinal. 

The archer persevered and commented after, "I feel it's okay. I am good. I want to be shooting good."

To advance, the team beat Ukraine 6-2. After the competition, Gomboeva said she drank a lot of water and used ice to keep cool. She remarked that her plans were to "just [keep] shooting" in the next round. 

The sun has been particularly strong at the archery venue. Many teammates have resorted to cheering and waiting under umbrellas or shade when not actively competing. 

The winner of the ROC and United States quarterfinal will face the winner of the Germany and South Korea quarterfinal. South Korea won the 2019 World Championships and is looking to take home their ninth gold medal in the women's event, which would tie them for the longest gold medal streak in Olympic history. 

Reuters helped contribute information to this report.

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