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Loxahatchee Lager specially made to promote exploration

Posted at 7:12 PM, Aug 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-15 04:10:03-04

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — It's a real taste of Palm Beach County. A summer lager made locally and inspired by nature is set for release this weekend. The brewers of this beer hope customers will enjoy the taste and appreciate what our region has to offer.

Tyler Holland says he knows good beer. He’s anticipating the release of Twisted Trunk Brewing’s environmentally conscious annual summer staple: Loxahatchee Lager.

“It’s definitely one of my favorites,” said Holland, a Twisted Trunk Brewing patron. “It’s a beer for a good cause.”

According to Fran Andrewlevich, owner of Twisted Trunk Brewing the beer took four weeks to create from start to finish. It’s a spiced deep gold lager made from local ingredients.

”The honey from Loxahatchee, the hibiscus - all of the natural things that are in the area tied into a beer,” said Andrewlevich. ”The flavor is the end result."

The beer is available by tap and by can on Aug. 17 during a Night for the Natural Areas. Proceeds benefit outreach events and explorations within Palm Beach County’s Environmental Resources Management.

“You’ve got to connect the community with the environment, so they can rally more funding for more restoration and to keep these lands and manage these lands in the way we need to,” said Benji Studt, Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management public outreach supervisor.

It’s a message that goes down to the label. Cans will feature the Cypress Creek Natural Area swamp in Jupiter.

“Hopefully that will inspire them to connect with some lands that they may not even know had existed,” said Studt.

“If we can do our little part and make a great beer along with it – then it’s a win-win,” added Andrewlevich.