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Martin County Sheriff's Office shows how quickly temps can soar in a vehicle, become deadly

Posted at 4:01 AM, Aug 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-23 05:35:05-04

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. — Sgt. David Rosko with the Martin County Sheriff's Office described what it's like to find a child trapped in a hot car.

"It can be a very chaotic scene," he said. "The child is also screaming. The person who called in about the child is also very upset."

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He put a thermometer in a car to show how temperatures can soar to deadly levels in just minutes. The temperature started at 75 degrees and jumped to 95 degrees after five minutes. It was 100 degrees after 10 minutes. Then at the 15-minute mark, the inside car temperature hit 105 degrees.

If you find a child trapped in a hot car, Rosko said the first thing to do is call 911, and then take action if necessary. But which window should you break?

"Go to the furthest window from that child," he said. "If they are seated in the right rear, I would more than likely go to the driver's side."

Rosko said reminders can save lives. Leave yourself a visual cue so that you remember your child is riding with you.

"Take that handbag or your purse, leave it in backseat there next to the car carrier," said Rosko. "This way when you get out of the vehicle, going in the store, you know that you need your wallet."

Just recently, a mom accidentally locked her child inside with keys using remote start as she loaded up. Body camera footage showed the hot car rescue. It was a difficult scene that showed moments count.