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VIDEO: Pit bulls attack people at Wellington Walgreens; Dog owners ask for forgiveness

Posted at 11:08 PM, Dec 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-20 06:40:09-05

WELLINGTON, Fla. — The family that owns the pit bulls that Animal Care and Control says bit five people last week are making their plea to save their family pets that may be euthanized.

Brother and sister pit bulls Rhaegar and Arya, named after Game of Thrones characters at normally at home and are comfortable around kids, the family says.

The video of them biting five people, including the owner, their family says, is out of character.

“I’ve never seen them act that way since I’ve had them. They’ve always been so timid and loving,” said Alexandra Pappas.

Three of the five went to the hospital for treatment.

Paul Papazoglou brought them to a Walgreens in Wellington as a rare chance to get them out of the house.

His family said the dogs were likely overly excited, and protective over Paul, who was still recovering from broken hip.

His wife and daughter, Cynthia and Alexandra, say he made a mistake taking them out of the house.

“I’d like to apologize I feel so sorry. It was a huge mistake. I really feel badly for all the people that had gotten bitten in this attack,” Cynthia said.

Rhegar and Arya are currently in a rabies quarantine. Animal Care and Control says the fate for them doesn’t look good.

“Unfortunately due to the nature of these incidents being completely unprovoked, the severity of the wounds, it’s very likely that these dogs will be classified as viscous and ordered to be euthanized at this point,” Capt. David Walesky from Animal Care and Control said.

“We’re begging, we’re begging for another chance. We will do anything, anything that they ask us to do,” Alexandra said.

The dogs are an important part of their family. Adam, the middle brother originally owned the dogs.

After he passed away in June 2017, his family adopted them.

“The loss of my brother has been the biggest ache in my heart. These dogs were so loved by him. I feel like they’re our last connection to Adam,” Alexandra said.

No decision is final yet of if the dog will be euthanized. The family can appeal the decision if they desire. So far they have paid around $500 in fines.