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Woman teaches West Palm Beach students how to garden, grow their futures

Posted at 11:33 AM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 19:21:52-04

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A local woman is planting a seed for change, and that seed is sprouting in schools throughout Palm Beach County.

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The program is teaching elementary school students how to garden.

At Berkshire Elementary School in West Palm Beach, there is a group of students with a passion for planting.

"It feels like I’m out in the wild," said Alex Sanchez, a student.

Everyday they rake, dig, plant, and water, growing vegetables and knowledge.

"If there were no plants on earth, nothing would be able to live because plants give oxygen and food," said Sanchez.

There’s a method behind this message, and Anuella Alexandre is the woman changing the culture behind horticulture.

"I really started my blog and my Instagram page as way to share myself with people and share my values, share the way I live my life, and maybe even inspire a few people to make healthier and more sustainable choices," said Alexandre, who runs A Green Goddess Diary.

Alexandre is known as a plant influencer, but she’s taken her message from Instagram to real life, working with the next generation to teach them sustainability.

"You’re bringing more life into an area," said Sanchez.

For these students, they say gardening is the best part of their day, a chance for them to grow their perspective.

"I think when we connect with nature, and when we connect with the food that we are eating, it really influences us to think twice about what we are putting into our body and how we treat the environment," said Alexandre.