Podcast: Elizabeth Murphy discusses significance of Ireland's first female Olympic team

Posted at 12:44 AM, Jul 30, 2021

The Podium

The Irish women's field hockey team is the nation's first female Olympic team in any sport, and goalkeeper Elizabeth Murphy joins The Podium to explain what that could mean for the future of the sport. 

Murphy also discusses the history of field hockey in Ireland, how her team has prepared for high temperatures in Tokyo and what it would mean for Irish women to win an Olympic medal. "We're paving the way for young girls in our sport to really just believe in themselves," she said. "We always step on to the pitch with a smile on our face, and we want everyone to enjoy that with us."

Host Lauren Shehadi closes out the episode by chatting with Canadian field hockey players Mark Pearson and Antoni Kindler. Pearson gives the origin story of the team's nickname and details why field hockey is played on wet turf. Goalkeeper Kindler tells Shehadi about the custom design on his mask and the impression he wants to make on viewers new to men's field hockey. 

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