Pair of 13-year-olds top women's Olympic street skateboarding podium

Posted at 12:37 AM, Jul 26, 2021

Officially, it's called "women's" street skateboarding. If you watched its Olympic debut unfold, you know better. And you might be feeling a little old.

How old? Well, the sport's universally acknowledged "G.O.A.T," Tony Hawk, had retired by the time Monday's three medalists were born. 

The gold medalist, hometown favorite Momiji Nishiya, and silver medalist Rayssa Leal of Brazil aren't eligible for a driver's license for another three years!

The bronze medalist, Funa Nakayama of Japan, is the old bird of the bunch at 16. She led after the prelims, but hey, Nishiya and Leal are 13. Ignorance is bliss. 

That, and a whole lot of skill, and a whole lot of fun. And for the host country, a whole lot of success.

Nishiya's victory gave Japan a golden sweep of sorts: Yuto Horigomi won on the men's side a day earlier.

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Leal's silver did something similar for Brazil, whose Kelvin Hoefler took men's silver Sunday.

Alexis Sablone of the United States, in prime position for the podium with two tricks remaining, finished fourth after falls on both attempts.