Student says principal body slammed him, Detroit Public Schools facing lawsuit

Posted at 9:07 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-07 11:26:20-04

DETROIT — Detroit Public Schools is facing a lawsuit after a student said he was slammed to the ground by an assistant principal. 

Elija Wynn, 14, was seen on school surveillance video being forced from inside the school and thrown to the ground outside. 

The incident apparently happened back in October when Wynn said he returned to his school after hours to get the wallet he left behind.

That's when the assistant principal allegedly forced him from the school and got violent. According to Wynn, a school resource officer came out and punched him in the face, dislocating his jaw.

But Wynn's lawyer, Jonathan Marko, said that part of the video cannot be seen because it was deleted.

"Someone went in and edited and actually deleted a ten-second portion of the video which we believe contains where he was punched," he said.

Marko says this problem is much bigger than just this incident; it's a constant problem inside Detroit schools that must be addressed. 

"I think there is a systemic problem on top of that where the system is broken and instead of us and our legislature and people in authority trying to fix it, they're just letting this system lag along," Marko said.

Wynn says he had to drink from a straw for six weeks. He's better now but the emotional damage is still there.