Live updates: Suni Lee, Jade Carey compete in all-around final

Posted at 12:29 AM, Jul 29, 2021

Defending champion Simone Biles withdrew from the all-around final in Tokyo to focus on her mental health, but with her near-guaranteed podium spot freed up, the competition will still be as exciting as ever. 

American Suni Lee is now a gold medal favorite and Jade Carey, who is competing for the U.S. as an individual in Tokyo, was moved up into the final with Biles' exit.

Carey, who will be the very last competitor of the day on floor, could debut a new tumbling skill that would be the rated the most difficult in men's and women's gymnastics: the laid-out triple-double. The skill is the straight-body version of what Biles does as her first tumbling pass on floor, and would be named after Carey if she successfully executes it in competition.  

The Americans are rotating with Brazil's Rebeca Andrade, Belgium's Nina Darwael and the ROC's Angelina Melnikova and Vladislava Urasova.

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Follow along below for live updates after each rotation. 

Rotation 1

U.S. athletes on vault

Lee is the first athlete up on vault, and she performed the best double-twisting Yurchenko she has done so far in Tokyo. She nearly stuck the landing and got a big hug from Carey after. Her score of 14.600 is nearly three tenths higher than her score from qualifications. 

Carey got big air on her Cheng with a hop backwards on the landing. She shared a hug with Lee after to celebrate her score of 15.200. 

Also on vault, Andrade received a 15.300 for a sky-high Cheng that she landed with one foot on the line that marks the out of bounds section of the mat. Melnikova and Urazova both performed the same vault as Lee and scored a 14.633 and 14.500, respectively. 

Elsewhere in the rotation, China's Tang Xijing scored a 14.233 on bars, the highest score of the rotation that did not come on vault.  Japan's Mai Murakami was also on beam and posted a 13.766. 

Standings after Rotation 1:

Andrade - 15.300

Carey - 15.200

Melnikova - 14.633

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Rotation 2

U.S. athletes on uneven bars

After struggling to catch her release moves in the warm-up, Carey nailed her routine in competition. She scored a 13.5, which is six tenths lower than her qualification. Carey did not perform all the skills in this routine that she did in qualifications, resulting in a lower difficulty score. 

As she has done so many times already in Tokyo, Lee came up big when it counted. She sailed through the most difficult version of her bars set and stuck her dismount, getting a high-five from her coach after she saluted the judges. Her score of 15.300 is one tenth higher than her score from qualifications. 

Andrade, who entered the second rotation as the leader, swung through her routine with ease and nailed her full-twisting double back tuck dismount to score a 14.666. That mark is .466 higher than her qualifying score. Darwael, who is considered to be Lee's biggest competition for a gold in the bars final next week, received a 15.266. Urazova stuck her dismount for a 14.866, and Melnikova earned a 14.900. 

Around the rotation, Brooklyn Moors (CAN) performed an elegant floor routine to earn a 13.566. Tang had an early fall on beam but finished her routine strong with a stuck dismount and still managed a 13.066. Murakami notched a 14.000 on floor.

Standings after Rotation 2:

Andrade - 29.966

Lee - 29.9

Melnikova - 29.533

Rotation 3

U.S. athletes on balance beam

Carey showed signs of jitters on beam and fell off on her flight series. She finished with a double back tuck dismount and a small hop on her landing. 

For the first time in Tokyo, Lee appeared nervous. She bobbled on her opening wolf turn and had a few balance checks throughout but nailed her flight series and stuck her double-twisting dismount. She looked relieved after to have survived the most nerve-racking event of the day. Her score of 13.833 is .367 lower than her qualification score. 

Urazova's solid beam set received a 14.2, and her teammate Melnikova recovered after a small bobble on her mount to score a 13.700. Andrade was solid throughout her routine, which initially scored a 13.566. That score was challenged and then raised to a 13.666.

Elsewhere in the rotation, Murakami almost stuck a beautiful double-twisting Yurchenko on vault to earn a 14.533, her highest score of the day so far. 

Standings after Rotation 3:

Lee - 43.733

Andrade - 43.632

Urazova - 43.566

Rotation 4

U.S. athletes on floor

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