Riviera Beach firefighter shipping coffee to first responders

He just wanted to let them know he's thankful for their efforts in a time of need.
Posted at 10:37 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 23:37:23-04

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — A local firefighter on the frontlines is finding a new way to help his fellow first responders. It's a donation that brings police, EMTs and medical workers altogether.

Jason Patton has been a Riviera Beach firefighter/paramedic for a dozen years. He's also known for his YouTube series "Fire Department Chronicles." But a few years ago, he and a friend started a coffee company called "Fire Department Coffee."

"He was like let's build some great high-quality coffee for the people who need the most and we started doing it and it's been successful and incredible ever since," Jason said.

Fire department coffee wanted to give back to first responders, we're talking about firefighters, police officers and folks who work in hospitals all across the country.

"Banyan treatment centers contacted us and said let's partner together and send 300 pounds of coffee in six-pound bags to fifty different locations. So we went online, we asked people who they wanted to get the coffee and we sent it out," he said.

They sent several bags to fire stations in New Jersey, to fire stations in Texas, police stations in Utah and several hospitals in Central Florida.

"We got a few messages on Instagram and Facebook sending us pictures. It's always cool to get those responses but they're not necessary but we always love to see the smiles on first responders' faces," he added.

Jason said even though he's a first responder he's aware so many people are going through this pandemic harder than he is. He just wanted to let them know he's thankful for their efforts in a time of need.