Family of missing Palm Beach County man hopes Trump can help when he meets with D.R. leader

Posted at 10:00 PM, Mar 21, 2019

OCEAN RIDGE, Fla. — The family of a missing Palm Beach County man, Darryl Fornatora, is hoping President Trump can help them find closure.

Fornatora went missing in the Dominican Republic about three years ago, and his family is desperate for answers.

President Trump is scheduled to meet with the president of the Dominican Republic, along with four other Caribbean leaders Friday.

Fornatora vanished during what was supposed to be a 6-day surfing trip with a friend to the Dominican Republic in January 2016. Instead, Fornatora disappeared on the island nation.

He hasn’t been heard from since, and only his wallet and cell phone have been found.

"We’re basically where we were three years ago," said Darryl's father, Gilbert Fornatora, in an interview with WPTV in his Ocean Ridge home.

Darryl’s parents say Dominican Republic authorities told them he drowned, while the U.S. embassy told them they suspect foul play.

Darryl's body was never recovered, and no one has been arrested.

"It’s horrible, every single day I wake up and the first thing is, oh my god it’s real," Darryl's mom, Nancy Fornatora said.

They’re hoping when Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina sits down with President Trump Friday, Trump can help them find closure by asking President Medina to have his country investigate more.

"Just cut through all the red tape and get to the bottom line. Somebody knows what happened to him in the Dominican," Nancy Fornatora said. "He’s a president that gets on a personal level with people. He feels for people who are having problems, families."

"It’s a matter of bringing it up as something that needs to be resolved," Gilbert Fornatora said.

American authorities are still actively investigating.