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3 things to know about 'Danny' becoming a hurricane

Posted at 12:05 PM, Aug 19, 2015

A storm system in the middle of the Atlantic could become classified as a hurricane on Thursday.

Here are three things to know about this storm:

1. “Danny” is enjoying everything a tropical system could want — warm ocean waters, low wind shear and plenty of moist air.

2. Danny is moving slowly — about 12 miles per hour to the west — and soaking up all those favorable conditions and growing quickly.

That's why Danny is expected to reach hurricane status by Thursday and eventually become a Category 2 hurricane by the weekend.

3. Danny will take a slight turn to the north and likely run into some very dry air, which would significantly weaken the system before getting close to any land in the Caribbean.

After that, forecast models are in disagreement as to whether this storm will veer even farther north, spinning away into the middle of the Atlantic or if it will continue moving through the Caribbean, possibly toward Florida.

We'll likely know more by the end of the weekend when Danny has likely become a Category 2 hurricane and already weakened, continuing its trend of growing and shrinking at a very quick pace.