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Tropical Storm Bill to impact half of U.S.

Posted at 11:03 AM, Jun 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-16 11:03:47-04

It's only the second named tropical storm of the season, but Tropical Storm Bill is going to impact the entire eastern half of the United States in some way or another.

Bill is very unorganized and barely meets the wind requirements as a tropical storm, but it's going to bring copious amounts of rain to Texas and then across the Plains and the Midwest.

The eastern half of the Lone Star State can expect anywhere between five and eight inches of rain on Tuesday alone.

This is rain the state doesn't need after it experienced its wettest month ever in May.

Once this storm system is finished with Texas, it'll move north into Oklahoma before turning east and traveling through the Midwest. Those states in its path are in for a wet second half of the week with some places receiving four to five inches of rain over the next three days.


Flood watches and warnings have already been issued from Texas to Ohio in preparation for the incoming storm.

Bill isn't the only tropical storm out there, either.

The National Hurricane Center is also watching Hurricane Carlos, a category one storm in the Pacific that's currently running parallel with the Mexican Coast.

It doesn't look like this storm will make landfall before fizzling, but it's currently bringing rain to parts of Mexico. It could bring some heavy rains to the Southwest United States about a week from now.