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Severe weather in U.S. enters second day

Posted at 12:16 PM, Mar 25, 2015

After nearly a month without a single severe thunderstorm or tornado watch, we're about to see back to back severe weather days.

The middle of the country — more specifically, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas — is once again the target for severe thunderstorm activity Wednesday evening. This time, the threat of bad weather is a little worse than Tuesday with the SPC issuing a moderate risk for severe weather.

Tuesday's severe weather outbreak brought a lot of hail — more than 40 reports of it — which more than quadrupled the total number of hail reports we've seen all year.

Today, the biggest severe weather threat is still large hail, but there's the additional threat of strong winds and a tornado or two.

These two active days have been the exception as opposed to the rule this spring severe weather season, and it looks like the rest of the week will return to what has been the unusually quiet norm.