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Rare Tropical Storm Adrian breaks record

Posted at 10:27 AM, May 10, 2017

Tropical Storm Adrian formed late in the evening on May 9 in the eastern Pacific Ocean roughly 545 miles south-southeast of Salina Cruz, Mexico.

Adrian's early formation broke the record for the earliest development of a tropical system in the eastern Pacific.

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The previous earliest tropical storms was Alma in 1990. That system formed on May 12 of that year, and eventually went on to become a Category 1 hurricane as it drifted closer to the central Pacific Ocean.

It appears Adrian will have a much different path.

This storm is expected to travel northwest, parallel to the Mexican Coast through the end of the week.

By the weekend, there's a chance it intensifies just enough to become a weak hurricane, and at this point, it's likely to take a turn to the north before losing much of its steering force as it meanders off the coast of Mexico into early next week.

The official start to the Pacific hurricane season is May 15, and this first storm formed nearly a week before that. The Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1. Find out what all the Atlantic hurricane names will be by watching the video below.