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May was wettest month on record — ever

Posted at 9:26 AM, Jun 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-10 09:26:09-04

In the 121 years the United States has been keeping track of weather, May 2015 was wetter than any other May and wetter than any other month.

But when it gets broken down to the state level, it's easy to see May wasn't that wet for everyone.

Most of the rain fell across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Utah. Three out of five of those states saw their rainiest May on record.

Texas and Oklahoma dealt with severe flooding throughout May. During the same time, Colorado barely saw the sunshine.

The multi-year drought across Texas was practically eliminated in a month's time.

Droughts in Oklahoma and Kansas were also nearly eliminated in the same time period.

The amount of the United States in drought conditions actually shrank to 24.6 percent - the smallest area since February 2011 — despite the Northeast quietly developing a drought of their own.

Minor drought conditions developed across the Northeast and in the Carolinas.

The West Coast saw a similar fate.

As Texas was flooding and eliminating their drought, it was more of the same for California — serious drought.

There have been glimmers of hope for the West Coast, though.

An El Niño is in full swing, which usually means plentiful rain for California. Plus, they've recently been getting a little rain from the storm system formerly known as Pacific hurricane Blanca.

And at this point, every little bit of rain helps, but a slow, steady shower might be more helpful than the downpour parts of the country saw in May.