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45 million at risk for severe weather today

Posted at 10:53 AM, Jul 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-13 10:53:11-04

An extremely unstable atmosphere and strong winds aloft are coming together for a rough day of severe weather in the Midwest, including a number of big cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville and Louisville.

A little of everything is possible, but strong, damaging winds are most likely. They'll also be the most widespread. There's even a good chance for a derecho, a severe wind event, across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

Hail and tornadoes are also possible, and they're most likely to occur across most of Illinois.

This most recent severe weather outbreak will likely occur this afternoon and evening. Some storms are even possible during the overnight hours when people are most likely to be sleeping.

This is why it's important to have something that can alert you in the middle of the night, such as the Storm Shield App or a severe weather radio.

The severe weather threat will continue to move Southeast throughout the next couple days, affecting the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast on Tuesday and Wednesday.