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3 places with way too much rain this week

Posted at 1:29 PM, Aug 03, 2015

It's the beginning of the week, and a few states need to keep the umbrellas, ponchos and possibly even boats handy for the copious amounts of rain headed their way.

Monday: Florida
Florida residents haven't put their umbrellas down in the last week. Some places along the Gulf Coast have gotten more than 10" of rain in that time, and it continues today.

What's to blame? All last week, a stationary front lingered over the state, creating perfect conditions for continuous thunderstorms.

Now, a low pressure system has formed along that front and is dropping more rain on the Sunshine State with a bullseye of at least 2 1/2 more inches in and around Tampa.

This soggy trend continues for at least the next couple days, but the buckets of rain should slow down at least a little bit on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday: The Kansas-Missouri border
This will likely be the driest of these soggy days ahead, but nearly two inches of rain can be expected along the Kansas-Missouri border.

A round of thunderstorms will likely develop in the afternoon and evening, and the humid conditions will provide plenty of moisture to fall from Wichita, Kansas to Kansas City, Missouri and everywhere in between.

Wednesday: Hawaii
It's not often a hurricane or tropical storm hits Hawaii, so when one does, it's kind of a big deal.

By the middle of the week, Tropical Storm Guillermo will reach the Hawaiian Islands, bringing plenty of rain and choppy surf along with it.

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The constant rain from the weakening storm will persist for more than a day, likely lasting from Wednesday morning until late Thursday night or into early Friday morning.

It's still too early for exact numbers, but right now forecast models are putting rainfall totals upwards of an inch on the Big Island on Wednesday alone.

August isn't typically the first month that comes to mind when flooding is mentioned. Usually, that's reserved for soggy Spring months like March, April, or even May.

But the eighth month of the year can give spring a run for its money, especially when tropical weather is introduced into the mix.