Woman evacuates sinking Palm Harbor, Florida, home

Posted at 3:27 AM, Jan 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-10 08:48:20-05

A woman living in a Tampa Bay-area home was evacuated after large cracks developed in her house Tuesday night.

The homeowner in Palm Harbor called 911 around 11:19 p.m. after seeing cracks and hearing noises in the home located in the 3300 block of E. Dorchester Drive.

Firefighters responded and helped her get some of her belongings out of the home.

A fire department inspector said the living room sunk several inches and the pool is slowly draining.

A peak through the front door shows the wall separated from the ceiling and obvious cracks in the side of the home.

The homeowner will need to contact her insurance company to have an engineer to evaluate the property and confirm if this is a sinkhole.

Firefighters were expected to remain at the scene overnight. A code enforcement official will inspect the property Wednesday morning.

A neighbor living next door says they were notified of the issue but do not need to evacuate their home at this time.

The homeowner is staying with friends until a decision on the safety of her home can be made.