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Tennessee man rescued from chest-deep mud

Posted at 12:40 PM, Mar 08, 2019

NEWPORT, Tenn-- Two weeks ago the only road leading out of Philip Denny's Newport, Tennessee neighborhood was completely flooded.

"This whole thing was underwater," Denny says, surveying the road. "You couldn't get in or out."

Once the water started to go down, an entire chunk of High Point Road turned into a giant stretch of mud.

"Cars started getting stuck and then people started getting stuck," he says. "We decided we would start using our truck to dump tons of gravel along the road make it easier to walk and drive."

Denny and his brother-in-law decided it was time to do something and attempted to dump rocks on Wednesday. That's where things took a turn.

"We was trying to put slate rock in that driveway and next thing I know I'm in the ground," he says.

With one step, Denny was in waist-deep mud and he couldn't get out.

Emergency officials eventually rescued him after his family spent 30 minutes trying to free him.

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