South Florida iguanas found shot with arrows

Posted at 5:25 AM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 07:37:12-04

(WSVN/CNN) - Someone in South Florida is shooting iguanas with arrows and two women are trying to stop it.

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Pamela Baggleman and Helle Ruud of Davie, Fla., are determined to track down the person responsible.

"We see iguanas with arrows sticking through their throats or their heads, and they're not dying. They're suffering," said Baggleman

The Broward County residents are on the hunt for whomever is shooting the neighborhood iguanas with arrows.

"It's terribly, terribly cruel," said Baggleman

Baggleman said that she used to enjoy seeing the creatures romp around in the grass as she had her morning coffee.

Now, she watches as they suffer with arrows sticking out of their bodies.

"They're making these animals suffer. If they hit them in the throat, they can't eat, they can't drink. And the worst part is, is we watch them jump into the water, and the arrow that I have here, gets caught in the weeds and they drown," said Baggleman.

Baggleman and Ruud have been trying to end this abuse for almost a year.

They have called the police and Florida Wildlife Services, but that hasn't stopped the person from targeting the iguanas.

Now, they're offering a $500 reward for anyone who can help catch the shooter.

"I don't particularly like the iguanas, but I don't want to see them suffering," said Ruud.

They are also worried that this person will move on from iguanas and start aiming for neighborhood pets.

"It must be a very disturbed person, capable of doing that," said Ruud.

"They're very beautiful. They're very pretty. I like them. I'm sure a lot of other people like them. But I'm sure a lot of people don't neither, but that's not a reason to kill them," said Baggleman.

In addition to the iguanas, cats and peacocks have also been seen shot full of arrows.

Courtesy WSVN via CNN Newsource