Dash cameras video captures Florida troopers saving woman from burning car in North Miami

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - (WSVN/CNN) - An off-duty Florida Highway Patrol trooper was the right place at the right time last fall.

Florida Highway Patrol trooper Yenir Dinaz Bueno's dash camera captured the moment he and other law enforcement rescued a woman from a fiery wreck in North Miami on Nov. 29.

Bueno used a fire extinguisher to briefly put out the flames and safely rescued her.

WSVN-TV reported that the car collided with a marked Miami-Dade police car, near Northeast 135th Street and Biscayne Boulevard.

The passenger door appears to be jammed, and the trooper can been seen running around the car, desperately trying to get her out.

Another trooper also used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

The woman was badly injured but survived her injuries.

Courtesy of WSVN-TV CNN Newsource