Tim Tebow leaves a memorable first impression on fans at first instructional league baseball game

Posted at 8:23 PM, Sep 28, 2016

If first impressions matter in baseball, Tim Tebow left a great one on Wednesday afternoon.

Tebow played in his first instructional league game at Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie.

During his first turn at bat, he hit a home run right out of the park and the crowd went wild.

"I think I rattled the stand by jumping up and down," said Rebeccal Moll.

Moll and her son, Grayson, skipped out on work and school Wednesday to see Tebow play.

"The day that it was announced on the news, I think I texted everybody I know," she said.

Barbara Haskell came down from Fort Pierce to see Tebow play. She said it's not easy for her to get around because she has to use a wheelchair.

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Haskell said she didn't want to miss the chance to see his first game.

"Tim Tebow is an athlete that I want my grandchildren to emulate. He's a Christian and isn't afraid to share his values," she said.

While many remain skeptical of Tebow's skills on the baseball diamond, others at Wednesday's game were optimistic that he'll one day make it to the big leagues.

"I think he's going to go a lot higher than this. He's got it," said Daniel Rollins.

Rollins said he was surprised when Tebow hit a home run, but said the 29-year old is determined enough to make it far in the sport.

"He's got the skills. He's able to prove himself on so many different levels. He can do it with ease," he said.

Staff with the New York Mets say there were more than 250 people at Wednesday's game. Typically, a game in the instructional league only brings out players' families and spouses.

There are a total of five instructional league games during the three week period. Tebow will not be participating in Saturday's game.

Team officials say it's too soon to know what's next for Tebow after the instructional league comes to an end next week.