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Doctors, skin experts say Botox injections happening at a younger age

Posted at 4:01 AM, Nov 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-11 18:23:56-05

Some doctors and skincare specialists describe it as "sad" or a "waste of time and money," but it's happening. Younger and younger people are turning to Botox.

"We see people 16,17,18 years old. I think that's too young," said Dr. Kenneth Beer, a dermatologist, who then said before age 21 is too young.

Even so, he recommends waiting until 30 for a skin evaluation to determine what you may or may not need. Beer points to a better diet, vitamin A, vitamin C for collagen and regular sun protection. Also, quit smoking if you are still doing it.

"Why risk it if it’s something that’s not appropriate?" Beer said, referring to Botox injections too young.

Lauren Azar, 35, is from Delray Beach and tried Botox once when she was much younger.

"I got (Botox) years ago for my wedding, and I didn’t realize how quickly it goes away," said Azar.

Now, she turns to laser treatment instead.

"I know botox is a lot more popular, but this is actually helping my skin," Azar said.


Estrella Shuster is the owner of Stars Skincare Med Spa in Boca Raton. She said clients are coming in younger and younger for Botox.

"It’s a little sad, because I see kids in their 20s. They’re already doing injectables," Shuster said.

Shuster prefers non-invasive products to boost collagen in the skin for younger clients -- procedures like lasers, radio frequency and micro-needling.

"The moment that you start injecting, the skin starts stretching and the more you do Botox, the more you want it," Shuster said.