Five viral posts from Christmas 2018 that will melt your heart

Posted at 8:09 AM, Dec 26, 2018

Christmas is always full of excitement and wonder. But for these five families, Christmas 2018 meant much, much more.

1. A new ring.

Fifteen years ago, my mom lost the diamond to her wedding ring. For most of her marriage, she didn't wear a ring. Today my dad surprised her. from r/MadeMeSmile

According to Reddit user u/wiz9macmm , this woman lost the diamond on her engagement ring. Yesterday, her husband surprised her — and the rest of his family — with a new diamond, leading to touching video.

2. A new son.

Dad gets adoption papers from someone he raised since he was 3 as Christmas present. from r/MadeMeSmile

Another Reddit user posted this video of a father receiving official adoption papers from a man he had raised as his own son since he was three years old, leading to a tearful embrace.

3. A first gift.

My autistic nephew turned 21 this year and got his first paid job. I'm wildly proud of him for making this happen. He was able to buy Christmas gifts for everyone this year and was soooo excited about it. His card and gift made me smile and melts my heart. from r/MadeMeSmile

According to Reddit user u/rowswimbiketri , the user's nephew was hired to his first paid job in 2018. The 21-year-old man, who has autism, was extrememly proud to spend his own money to buy gifts for his family members, and was also excited to use his ID to buy alcohol.

"His card and gift made me smile and melts my heart," rowswimbiketri wrote.

4. A new painting.

Ten years ago my mom lost this painting of her kids after my dad forgot to pay a storage room fee, this year she beat cancer and we had the original painter create a new one! from r/MadeMeSmile

Reddit user u/PlzDontTouchMyHair wrote that 10 years ago, the user's father forgot to pay a storage room fee, leading a number of valuable items to be lost forever. One of those items, a painting of the user's family, was among the items lost. For Christmas, the family contacted the artist and had the paiting re-created for the user's mother. To top it all off? The mother beat cancer this year.

5. A new video game.

My dad has only ever liked one video game - Galaga. He and my mom used to go play it on date nights when they were newly-weds and broke. This year, me and my siblings all pitched in to get him a Galaga arcade machine for Christmas. I don't think I've ever seen him more excited to get a present! from r/pics

Reddit user u/JephriB posted that of all the video games his father has only enjoyed playing one: Galaga. That's because he used to play the game while he and his wife were dating. For Christmas, JephriB and the rest of his family pitched in to buy a Galaga cabinet for his father.

"I don't think I've ever seen him more excited to get a present!" the user wrote.